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About Us

Covert Creativity is the flagship creative community platform of 6CCreativity, a budding e-business that not only produces its own original brand of online creative content, but ultimately will provide other aspiring creatives the tools, and the courage, to harness their own creativity, for business or pleasure, or both!  What makes us 6C?  No, it is not our lingerie;).  It is our long term vision for our six (6) core principles or services:







Our Services

Personal Creativity

At Covert Creativity, you can check your age, career profile, or timid personality at the door.  When you subscribe on YouTube, you decide if you try to make your videos go viral or simply exchange creative content with our tight-knit group of online creatives. We are just getting started with Superdog_Maple  and In the Valley.  You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Community & Causes

We want to make the world a better place...through creativity.  Enabling people to connect, helping those in need, and promoting an active and healthy life style are all important considerations in our choice of projects and our future direction.  Once  profitable, we commit to donating 5% of all profits to the most important causes chosen by our user community each year.

Videography Services

6CCreativity currently provides video filming & editing services in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.  We target our services to individuals (e.g. weddings) and non-profit organizations (e.g. youth sports teams) but will not turn away small businesses on a tight budget. We will eventually be ramping up to provide a range of on-line marketing, advertising, and e-commerce advice and services.

In the Valley - A Tribute to the Codroy Valley, Newfoundland

The debut Covert Creativity production filmed during the Codroy Valley Come Year in the summer of 2017

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